Store Details • Directions

To Receive your Visa® Prepaid Card:

  1. Purchase a set of 4 Hankook P/LT tires at a Point S / Tire Factory or other qualifying location between 10/23/2017 and 11/17/2017 to receive a Visa prepaid card by mail. Requests must be postmarked by 12/17/2017. (Claims postmarked after this date will not be honored.)
  2. Limit one (1) Visa prepaid card per customer.
  3. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing. If you do not receive your prepaid card after 6 weeks, please call 1-503-283-6494.
  4. Please keep a copy of all materials submitted for your records.
  5. Mail this completed form along with a photocopy of your cash receipt showing the purchase of qualifying tires. Please make sure your store receipt shows the tire brand and line purchased.
Hankook Rebate Form
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