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So greatful for the great service. I hit a nail or something on the way to work this morning and googled the closest tire repair because my tire light came on, I was losing air fast. The Tire Factory was not open yet (they opened at 8:00 I was there at 7:30) but Josh who works there came out to see if I needed assistance. He told me he would get my tire fixed by 8:00? Talk about great customer service and great people. Josh had me back on the road before 8:00!!Thank you!!

We took our 17-year-old Jeep in to see what was wrong with a friend 10 because we could do hear something rattling. They told us that there were loose fittings on the axle, which they tightened up. They even drove it around to make sure it fixed the rattle. They could have easily said it was something else and they certainly could have charged us for their time, but they didn’t charge us anything! I have been coming here for years now and will definitely keep coming. It’s nice to have honesty in an industry I know very little about.

My father and I used to take our vehicles here. They are nice and friendly. But I will no long take my vehicles here. Got my inspection done. And they passed it but didn't fix everything they charged me for.

They never charge me for a simple flat repair

On my first visit, they plugged my flat tire and put it on my Yukon without charging a penny. They said they hoped I would just buy my next tire from them. And I will.

They have always been courteous and fixed my cars quickly. I keep coming back for the excellent service.