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Yokohama Parada X

All-Season: Passenger Cars | Crossovers/SUVs | Trucks

Yokohama's Parada Spec-X is designed for the larger rims on today's trucks, SUVs and Crossovers. The drivers of these sporty trucks and SUVs demand a modern design without sacrificing performance. With diameters ranging from 18" to 24", an aggressive directional tread, and Yokohama's legendary high performance capabilities, the Parada Spec-X can handle most any fitment with style.

- Aggressive directional design of tread and sidewall treatment add a disctictive, stylish look. Its directional tread pattern increases acceleration and braking capabilities, as well as resistance to hydroplaning.

- Solid center curved ribs of the perpetual contact patch provide excellent grip in dry weather, maintain lateral stability in wet conditions, and promote a smooth, quiet ride.

- Reinforced shoulder blocks provide stability during cornering and more even wear for today's heavier vehicles and plus-sized fitments.

- Circumferential center groove provides outstanding water evacuation.

- Dimples relieve heat buildup for more even wear.

- Variable pitch technology creates a more comfortable ride by reducing pattern noise and minimizing uneven wear.

- Rim protector sidewall protects premium wheels against damage.

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