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Centennial Terra Trooper A/T

The Centennial Terra Trooper A/T tire is a highway light truck tire for pickups and SUV drivers that primarily want a good handling on-road tire but with some off-road traction. It has off-road styling for the aggressive off-road tire look, but still maintains a quiet and comfortable ride on the highway. It can handle light off-road trails and gravel roads with ease, but is primarily designed for on road use. The tire has a solid center rib and interlocking tread blocks which help give good handling, stability and on-center feel on smooth roads. The tread rubber is designed to resist abrasion and to deliver long mileage. The sidewalls of the tire are durable, like you would expect in a light truck tire, but they are designed to absorb bumps and irregularities in the road surface for a quiet and comfortable ride.

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