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Falken FK-452

The Falken FK-452 tire is a summer performance tire for sports cars and luxury sedans that features excellent grip and handling. It features a dual tread compound, three-dimensional rounded tread blocks, and reinforced bead filler for precise handling and responsiveness. The Falken FK-452 uses high tension belts in the carcass with a high turn-up over the steel bead filler for really exceptional handling. This carcass structure is designed to remain rigid and resist centrifical forces at high speed that would otherwise deform the tire. The Joint-less Nylon Cap Ply also contributes to the tire maintaining its shape. Consistancy of shape across all speeds contributes to a longer lasting tread than you would typically get in an ultra high performance summer tire. Finally, to ensure a quiet tire, the directional tread design has phase-shifted random pitch variations. This reduces the harmonics generated by the spinning tire to an absolute mininum.

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