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Nokian WR G2

The Nokian WRG2 is an all-weather plus tire specially designed to provide excellent performance in every season. Because the Nokian WRG2 is an all-season tire, it does well in all the dangerous weather conditions. It features an asymmetrical inside-out tread pattern which gave the engineers at Nokian enough space to fit in a pattern that lets the tires perform under different weather conditions. So even if the seasons change, your tires, the Nokian WRG2, stay the same. The Nokian WRG2 also features an innovative slushplaning technology which prevents it from premature wearing even when exposed to slush for long periods. Because the tires have an extremely low rolling resistance, you get to enjoy lesser fuel consumption which is always good for your budget. The tire is also made of ecologically responsible materials so you can drive well knowing you are not harming the environment.

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