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Heavy Equipment & Mining Tire Service

This might be the most aggressive demand you can put on a tire. Operating heavy equipment in a mining environment takes its toll. Routine tire maintenance and heavy equipment tire repairs and replacement will be necessary. At Trinity Tire Factory, we can do it for you. Our team of certified technicians can take care of all your heavy equipment and mining tire services, either in our shop or on site.

We Understand the Challenges

Heavy equipment requires tires that are designed and engineered to handle the load and operating environment in which you work. Mining tires need to handle the weight, speed and surface conditions and remain durable. But try as you might, tire-related concerns are a way of life when you put these types of machines through their paces.

Damaged tires lead to unanticipated down time and that can be very expensive when your customers are depending on you to meet their schedule. And, no matter what the issue, there’s never a good time for it to happen. At Trinity Tire Factory, we have service trucks on call to get you back in operation as fast as possible.

Your Complete Provider for Heavy Equipment and Mining Tire Services

Replacement for your worn-out tires on a backhoe, a flat tire repair on your dump truck, or tracking air pressures and tread wear rates on your fleet of front-end loaders; at Trinity Tire Factory, we take care of it all. Whether you bring the machine to us or just the tire, or if you need on-site tire repair or replacement, our expert tire technicians have the skills, equipment, and expertise to get it done fast, and get it done right.

The Best in Customer Service

As the customer, you are our top priority. We’ll work with you to find the solution that best fits your needs, and in the time and budget you require. We take great pride in being the best in customer service, whether it’s a quick tire repair or new tires for all your heavy machinery.


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