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Toyo Tires Observe G3-Ice Studded

Designed for tough winter conditions, the Observe G3-Ice combines excellent performance with driving comfort. For areas that experience severe winters, this tire can be studded for added traction on ice and compacted snow. Optimized stud hole placement delivers better traction and a quieter ride with fewer studs. Observe G3-Ice shown with winter studs. Pinned to accept TSMI #11 studs.

Microbit technology
•Improves traction as ground walnut shells dig and bite into the snow and ice.
•Environmentally-friendly natural material.

High-silica winter compound
•Ensures tread blocks remain flexible in lower temperatures.
•Enhances wet braking and handling even in lower temperatures.

Optimized stud hole placement
•Improves road contact and traction with fewer studs.
•Reduces noise, resulting in a quieter ride.
•Able to accept TSMI #11 studs to aid in ice traction.

Large u-shaped tread blocks with saw-tooth edge
•Grab onto the snow for better traction and braking.

Gear edge design at stud hole
•Provides better traction during cornering and braking.

High density 3d multi-wave sipes
•Improves traction on ice and compact snow during cornering, braking and acceleration.
•Increases tread block rigidity.