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Toyo Tires Proxes ST III

The Proxes ST III is the perfect balance of dynamic looks and sport-oriented performance for trucks and SUVs. With a wider tread and a silica-based tread compound the Proxes ST III stops up to 6 feet shorter in wet conditions* while delivering superb handling, excellent all-season performance, consistent wear and a smooth, quiet ride now backed by a 40,000-mile warranty.

Dynamic directional, all-season tread design provides a good balance between wet traction, dry handling and performance-based looks.

Lightning grooves enables better water evacuation resulting in better wet performance.

Arrowhead tapers delivers increased tread block stiffness resulting in better straight-line driving stability.

Directional shoulder blocks stabilizes tread blocks for better braking performance and a quieter ride.

Multi-wave sipes minimizes irregular wear for a smooth, quiet ride and improves light snow traction.